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Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC Efficiency

Throughout the year you HVAC unit delivers heated or cooled air through your home's air ducts. The air produced by your HVAC travels through your ductwork and heats or cools each room of your home. The dust particles in the air are known as particulate matter. The EPA defines them as complex mixture of microscopic particles and liquid droplets. The EPA states that particle pollution is made up of a number of elements which include, organic chemicals, metals, and soil or dust particles. When your air ducts are clean it means fewer of these particles are circulating your home.

Although your HVAC filter is designed to trap particulate matter and prevent it from entering your air ducts, it will not stop all particles and eventually cause a buildup. The number of particles your HVAC filter traps directly affects the quality of air in your home. When your air ducts have built up particulate matter, more particles are likely to get through the filter. Your HVAC system becomes less efficient, requiring a longer time to heat or cool your home. This results in inconsistent heating or cooling, higher utility costs and costly HVAC unit repairs. Air duct cleaning from South Florida Vent Cleaning, focuses on the grime in your air ducts, boosting the efficiency of your HVAC system by cleaning out the particles that affect efficiency and air quality.

Customer Reviews

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Our company hired EZ Air Conditioning to come and clean our ac ducts, change our ac coils and also clean & Disinfect the entire ac system. These guys were not only fair on their price, but their work was very detailed and organized. We will call them again to clean our ac vents at our other location soon.

Mario J. Viteri

Great service ! Our ac System is finally cooling and they were here on time like promised.

Cody Fitzpatrick