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Dryer Vent Cleaning & Maintenance Of South Florida

Clogged Dryer Vent

Over time, as enough lint accumulates in the system, your dryer vent can become clogged. There are a variety of ways a vent can become clogged. First, a long dryer vent tends to clog quicker because the lint has a long path to travel. Another way is if there are turns or angles in the ductwork, as build up will occur much easier in these sections. If the transition hose on the back of the dryer is crushed up against a wall, you get less airflow thus causing clogged dryer vents. Finally, on the outside is the termination vent which can also build up lint and block proper air flow. A clear dryer vent will improve energy efficiency, dry your clothes more quickly, and keep utility costs low.

There is also danger of a dryer fire, due to failure to proper clean and maintain your dryer vent. The US Fire Administration has reported over 12,700 clothes dryer fires every year, stating "failure to clean" is the number one factor contributing to clothes dryer fires in residential buildings.

Cleaning dryer vents quickly and effectively requires the right knowledge and tools. Our specialists will inspect your system to determine the extent of build up. Using high-pressure air combined with a high-powered vacuum, our technician will clean the entirety of your dryer duct. Keeping your dryer vents clean will reduce lint build-up in the dryer that can lead to dryer fires. After a cleaning it is good practice to check your dryer filter after every load is dried. This will ensure your dryer runs optimally for longer and keeps the air flow steady, so your clothes dry faster and your dryer vent stays cleaner longer.

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Our company hired EZ Air Conditioning to come and clean our ac ducts, change our ac coils and also clean & Disinfect the entire ac system. These guys were not only fair on their price, but their work was very detailed and organized. We will call them again to clean our ac vents at our other location soon.

Mario J. Viteri

Great service ! Our ac System is finally cooling and they were here on time like promised.

Cody Fitzpatrick